Monday, August 15, 2011

funny people

Guess what, it rained again today.  I got sent home early, and went thrift store shopping with some of the guys I work with.  It was a very interesting experience, and I must admit I am excited for them to wear all their "new" ironic t-shirts at college. For the evening, my mother had purchased tickets for Bay Street Theatre's Comedy Club with Elayne Boosler.   

The Bay Street sign is slightly visible, I however can not explain the heinous expression on my face.  The pictures unfortunately aren't the best quality, because I took them after the show, in utter darkness. 

Elayne was hysterical, but I will admit it was a tough crowd. It was an older crowd, and I was by far the youngest person in the theatre.  Don't get me wrong, I love my old folk, but they were all too stuffy.                                                      


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment!! I follow nwo your amazing blog. Hope you follow me back...:)
    Mela xx

  2. I think the pictures came out great!